Kevin Briggs

Mental Health

We knew Kevin’s story was interesting, but since he was going to be talking about such a touchy subject, we weren’t exactly sure how the student body would react to his presentation. Platform members handed out yellow ring bands, ribbons, and stickers to promote suicide awareness to get the student body thinking about the presentation and to get the maximum attendance possible. There was an excellent mix of students, faculty, staff, and even community members that showed up for this presentation and everyone seemed very interested.

Kevin really opened up during his presentation on the major events, good and bad, that had happened in his life thus far. He relied on making his audience feel comfortable with him so they wouldn’t fear asking questions or approaching him after the speech. He humbly told us a few of his encounters that he had on the bridge, some ending with success and some not so lucky and then proceeded on to tell the audience about warning signs and how you can effectively help a person who is on the verge of taking their life. Kevin stuck around for over an hour after his presentation answering questions and having conversations with those who had more personal questions.

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